Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Evidence that either the muscle relaxers or painkillers are affecting my brain:

Me: You know, if we were having Leo today, I would have campaigned to name him "Finn." I like that name. It's cool.

B.O.B.: I like it. Finn Funk. It has a nice ring to it.

Me: Oh, Finn Funk. I hadn't thought about the whole name.

B.O.B.: I like it, I really like it!

Me (while hoping B.O.B. isn't considering adopting a would-be Finn Funk): Of course you would. You wanted to name our sweet, innocent baby Gustav Ulysses Funk and call him "Goof."

At least I have an excuse for my momentary lack of naming judgment. B.O.B. doesn't. And, boy, would our now teenaged bundle of joy hate us (even more because teenagers don't need much of an excuse to hate their parents) if I had been under the influence of prescribed drugs back then. Gustav might have prevailed.